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At “Il Pungiglione” we make wax foundations or Cereoblok using two different lines for melting and sterilization: the Biological Line and the Conventional Line.

Our normal production consists in:

wax foundations – Size D.B. – cm 40.8×25.9 – Weight 110 gr – 820 Cell/dm2.

Boxes with 46 wax foundation for a total weight of 5 kg.

We also produce foundation for shallow boxes and in other sizes and thickness (120/130 g).

We offer a Transformation service for small or large quantities and wax change.

In order to avoid “pollution” in the Organic Line we make samplings and analysis on wax and we wait for the results before we work it and it will be introduced in our Bio tanks only if it is in standard levels.

Procedures in both lines:

  • Use of caustic soda to clean the sterilization tank
  • Rinse out with hot water of the sterilization tank
  • Introduction of wax
  • Add of water
  • Melting at 85°C
  • When the wax is melted water (and impurities) is taken out from the bottom valve
  • Sterilization at 120°C
  • Printing of the diagram of wax temperature that attests the sterilization
  • Waiting for cooling to 75°/85°C
  • Printing of foundations

Melted wax goes to the sterilization tank to the maturation tank, then in the distribution tank and finally on rollers. All of this happens by fall and through valves placed a few centimeters above the bottom in order to leave behind all impurities collected in the bottoms of tanks.

Organic line

A tank line for melting, sterilize and maturation.

Before introducing wax we analyze it in this way:

Sampling and analysis

The sample is taken from wax depending on shape and dimension so that the sample is similar to the entire quantity.

Flakes are melted in a single use tank and they are solidified in 3 single use molds. The 3 samples are sealed and given 1 to the client, 1 to the wax lab and one to the analysis lab in a totally anonymous way.

The numbers are registered on the invoice and on the “Production card”.

We look for active ingredients on the basis of this limits:

  • cumaphos < 0,20 mg/kg (200 ppb o ug)
  • fluvalinate < 0,10 mg/kg (100 ppb o ug)
  • amitraz < 0,10 mg/kg (100 ppb o ug)

In any case the sum cannot be more than 30 mg/kg (300 ppb o ug)

  • clorfenvinphos 0

Wax that is not in the standard and the conventional one are worked in the Conventional Line.

Between a lot and the other one we guarantee tank cleaning with caustic soda in both lines and the cleaning of machines and place according to the “CLEANING PROTOCOL” attached to the Technical Report for biological production.

In this line our foundation are produced and the Transformation of Bio Wax takes place.