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Sampling and analysis

The sample is taken from wax depending on shape and dimension so that the sample is similar to the entire quantity.

Flakes are melted in a single use tank and they are solidified in 3 single use molds. The 3 samples are sealed and given 1 to the client, 1 to the wax lab and one to the analysis lab in a totally anonymous way.

The numbers are registered on the invoice and on the “Production card”.

We look for active ingredients on the basis of this limits:

  • cumaphos < 0,20 mg/kg (200 ppb o ug)
  • fluvalinate < 0,10 mg/kg (100 ppb o ug)
  • amitraz < 0,10 mg/kg (100 ppb o ug)

In any case the sum cannot be more than 30 mg/kg (300 ppb o ug)

  • clorfenvinphos 0