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The workshop produces bees material: hives, shallow boxes, pollen traps, bee escape, etc.

Woodworking in the “Il Pungiglione” is thought to give to underprivileged people the chance to play an active role in their own lives and to learn a job, so they can create the conditions for their new integration in society.

For the workshop of the “Il Pungiglione” the quality of the products is the heart of the entire project. We are sure that educating to make high quality products is very important for those who have been in the most dark places in their lives.

Bees articles production takes place in a project for the social re-integration of needy people promoted by the Association “Comunità Papa Giovanni XXIII” founded by don Orenste Benzi which our cooperative is part of.

For those who are in the project this job is an important moment of received and given trust in the hope that they will be accepted by society for what they are.

The production, even if is for therapeutic means, is down to the smallest detail so we can offer a high quality and a very good finishing touch on hives and pollen traps. We are always adding new innovative tricks that have been largely appreciated in the past few years from all beekeeping we have served, which have a twenty yeas experience and helped us to do better by giving useful tips to our carpenters.

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