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Educational farm

Nowadays everybody is talking about this “new agriculture” thinking that the old fashioned agriculture is obsolete. But the anxiety of the modern society shows some contrasts and the jobs which have been snubbed for years are fascinating now, because the human values scale is changing. So cultivating the land “biologically” and working with hands is good for a healthy lifestyle, even if this means to stay away from comforts and fashion.

Urbanized families are starting to realize the importance to pass down to their children and grandchildren the “material culture” of a territory, a precious knowledge that has been taken for granted in the past but is actually not, and that makes children able to distinguish a vegetable garden from a farm, a hen from a duck, a tomato from a pepper, real milk from a milk box.

Schools, as educational communities, have inserted a few years ago the possibility to get close to the country and to local traditions with educational paths which are focused on food supply chains.

After a couple of years of experimentation both in Italy and abroad it was clear that the model that has achieved the best results is the educational farm, a real farming business that opens its gates to schools and that wants to form people of all ages, people with whom we can share a well-structured and flexible project.