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Socio-educational farm: one of our merits

The farm is the expression of the Association “Comunità Papa Giovanni XXIII” which lasts from more than thirty years and was founded by don Oreste Benzi, a priest that has fought against injustice for years. How? By giving a voice to the voiceless, to the last and to all that have no contract of employment and so are automatically excluded from the so called “normal” conventional circle of life.

The support to the Community is sealed by the integration with the Social Cooperative “Il Pungiglione” (ONLUS) where, from many years now, some people share their lives and their daily work with others that come from the justice system or from situations of extreme social marginality both in local (Lunigiana and the area of Massa Carrara) and in national scale.

What we want to achieve by giving them a home and teaching them real and professional jobs is to make these people, which were in a complete state of social exclusion, able to be an example for the ones that will join the project in the future, even if they will approach it with different means.

In this way a sort of circle of confidence can be started, and inside of it all those who was excluded and in pain can be useful to others that still have to live in these conditions. We believe in this because in our thirty years of experience we realized that who has been suffering can understand suffering better and so they can be great masters of life in the most simple way, that is by making their own life and their more painful memories and experiences an example and a hope for the ones who have no hope left.

These are the reasons why our reality is called Socio-Educational Farm. On one side there is the will to work in the agricultural sector with a great respect for nature and using organic agriculture and on the other we want to give an opportunity to those who are in troubles or with psychophysical disabilities.