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The history

Boceda: from explosive factory to place of peace

In 1890, with notified licence by prefectal decree, they launch the “explosive factory for the manufacturing  of explosive materials”, included nitroglycerine based ones.

In march 1891 the establishment was functioning although was incomplete: they was building the nitric acid factory and other dedicated spaces.

In 1892 works finished as we deduce from the registration of the owner company of the “dynamite factory” into the council register.

The beginning of the business was very promising: in 1892 was produced 300 tons of gelignite and 1 millions of capsules.

In the following years the production suddenly decreased with long periods of inactivity.

After the closure of the dynamite factory, Boceda have been actually abandoned for many years: until our arrival.

In 1999 the remaining site dedicated to industrial production was composed by somje old precarious buildings suffocated by vegetation.

From that period Il Pungiglione assisted a bloom of social recovery, both human and environmental, that we hope to carry on in the future with strength and determination.