Diamo una famiglia a chi non ce l'ha. Ci stai?



We house needy people among which disabled and minor 24/7. Our objective is to be an instrument of Comunità Papa Giovanni XXIII and give a family to those that have not one and redistribute in a more fair and equitable way the available resources.

Villaggio dell’accoglienza (Welcoming village) is the answer for everybody has had anguishing experiences and is forced to live at the margins of society. It is an educational space that through the testimony of given life and laboratory activities allows a path to rehabilitation and re-integration.

The production activities:

Thanks to the wonderful area of Lunigiana that touches Liguria, Tuscany and Emilia Romagna they have developed activities connected to apiculture. Il Pungiglione have more than 1000 families of bees and hive products from organic agriculture (propolis, royal jelly, wax) and become a specialized pole able to provide complex services to farmers:

  • wax factory for wax making and wax sheets
  • wood working that produce beekeeping equipment
  • consortium honey factory for all the activities connected to honey production and sale

In order to show the extraordinary Villaggio dell’Accoglienza social project Il Pungiglione offers to visitors a new hostel with restaurant and a educational farm agreement with Tuscany Region and many others authorities at national level.

Respect for nature:

All the production activities of the Village exploit alternative energy thanks to the photovoltaic system. Pungiglione’s products are organic, certified by Bioagricert authority.

The jewel of the crown of the production is represented by Honey Dop of Lunigiana, the first in Italian honey that obtained the reward, the only one Bio-Dop&Supportive.