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Integrated project for social re-integration of disadvantaged people of Lunisiana.

The REVIVE project is the direct expression of the Association “Papa Giovanni XXIII Community” and is born in the calling of the Community according to the life style of direct sharing with disadvantaged people and it is intended for remove the reasons that cause exclusion and injustice.

Place of intervention and specifications

The Project REVIVE is carried out in Lunigiana, in the municipality of Mulazzo, in the province of Massa-Carrara, see of Massa-Carrara – Pontremoli where the three halfway houses, the ONLUS facilities of the “Association Papa Giovanni XXIII” and the workshops of the Cooperative “Il Pungiglione” are relocated.

This project is born of the need of the province of Massa-Carrara where are relocated two prisons and there is neither acceptance projects nor job opportunities for those who have been in jail.

The aim of the project is to become a well-known reality on national scale so that new possibilities and resources will be available for the people who are in detention. This is an integration of office of the Italian institutions that mobilizes the territory, citizens, authorities and institutions.

The Caritas Diocesana, the Ministry of Justice, the Supervisory Magistracy, the DAP, the CSSA of Massa, the prison of Massa, the Tuscany Region, the Province of Massa-Carrara, the Local institutions of the Province, the Comunità Montana of Lunigiana, the A.S.L., Ser.T. and other services take an active place in the realisation of the project.

The Project has obtained public funding of EU and further notices and private funding from the Caritas Italiana and some banking foundations. The Project is coordinated by the Jail National Service of the Association Papa Giovanni XXIII.