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3. The subjects to whom the project is aimed to

The Association Papa Giovanni XXIII that promotes and supports this project through its own ONLUS facilities and the Social Cooperative “Il Pungiglione” is active in the field of social exclusion and distress from around thirty years now and it has reached good skills in a lot of sectors.

A very characteristic of this association is that it is open to different areas: minors in troubles and old people, physic or mental handicapped, prisoners or former prisoners, homeless, girl who manage to escape prostitution, etc.

3.1 The project wants to be an answer mostly for prisoners or former prisoners and to excluded people that are forced out job environment because they are thought to be incapable of working or not trustable in this very competitive market.

These people have often a troubled and difficult past that generates fears and exclusion. However our experience teaches us that hosting them, sharing with them our routine and trusting them make possible that they can slowly change from violent to positive person and become honest and responsible people. We strongly believe that the inclusion of these people in the sharing project can be a path of social re-education for a fairer society and so a safer one.

We usually receive requests from the prison (magistrates, educators, social workers, lawyers, directly affected people).

3.2 People looking for a job that are willing to share the workplace with people detailed at point 3.1.