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6. Cooperation and connection with authorities and services

Cooperation, conventions, synchrony with authorities, public entities, A.S.L., social services of the area

We presented and involved in this project competent public entities of the area and a few services: municipalities of Lunigiana where we are present with our residential, service and work realities (municipalities of: Mulazzo, Filattiera, Villafranca-Lunigiana, Licciana Nardi, Comano, Pontremoli and Aulla).

In addiction the Comunità Montana of Lunigiana, the province of Massa-Carrara and some specific assessorship, the Conference of Mayors, the A.S.L. n°1 of Massa-Carrara, Social Services of Lunigiana, the Ser.T. of the area, the Mental Hygiene Service CIM of Aulla, Local Services of the Ministry of Justice, the prisons of Pontremoli and Massa, the CSSA of Massa, the judiciary Magistracy of Massa are united to realize a common project in benefit of shared interest that is valuable, useful to the local reality and concrete.

We are connected with a lot of municipalities in Lunigiana from a few years and together we cooperated in order to prevent youth poverty and organized public meetings.

we enabled a lot of conventions with different services and entities in order to extend the capacity of integration in the project: these acts define the type of integration and the period, the educational-therapeutic targets, the mandatory insurance coverage and the responsibilities of contractors in the development of the specific activity of reintegration. These acts define and increase the capacity of cooperate and the integration for in order to evolve the net-job between the services and to define good procedures that have to be maintained and improved.

Cooperation and projects of people that come from outside the province, from all over Italy are operative.