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7. Plan for sectors description

Residential hosting

Group Home “San Francesco” loc. Castagnetoli – Mulazzo (MS)
Group Home “Santa Maria dell’Annunciazione loc.
Arpiola – Mulazzo (MS)

In these ONLUS facilities of the Association Community Papa Giovanni XXIII are received disadvantaged people that are assigned to the Community and included in the Revive Project, people from jail that can serve their time according to law measures.

They are controlled by the Magistracy and the CSSA that control the development of the project and the behaviour of the subject in cooperation with the Carabinieri of Mulazzo. The aim of the hosting is to teach these people how to share their lives with other people and with their families according to the life style proposed by the Association Papa Giovanni XXIII.

To share a home and its deep relationships is a positive change that has to be developed and defined.

Group Home “San Francesco” loc. Castagnetoli – Mulazzo (MS):

The home is on three levels:

Ground floor (daytime) is composed by the kitchen, a big living room to eat and do educational activities, a laundry and a supply room.

First floor is composed by 5 rooms, a kitchen, a meeting room, two bathrooms and a big terrace.

Second floor in residential (24h) and familiar.

Group home “Santa Maria dell’Annunciazione” loc. Arpiola – Mulazzo (MS)

(waiting to be transferred in a new location)

Hosting is mostly residential (24h) and familiar