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2. Aim and motivation of the project

The project wants to realize a social rehabilitation that takes place through the accommodation in the residential structures where people have to live in sharing and with a personal rehab program. People that are assigned to the Association Papa Giovanni XXIII find in the facilities of the association some role models that live with them 24/7.

That is why we also started to run workshops in order to:

2.1 Offer a daily engagement, structured and well organized to unprivileged people (prisoners or former prisoners, at risk teenagers, etc.) who are hosted in the residential facilities of the Association “Community Papa Giovanni XXIII” or reported by social services.

For some of these young people this is very important because a daily continuous and specific engage is healthy but is quite difficult to succeed in including them in jobs outside the community because of employment contracts or just because nobody wants to hire them.

Moreover for a lot of hosted people would be very good to be included in a protected environment, where the job is a part of a wider project of reintegration.

For those who come from a reality of exclusion or distress a job is:

  • A professional training and jobstart schemes. It is very common that the youngest have no job experience.
  • A therapeutic environment where the job is an educational tool to grow in relationships both social and interpersonal, to acquire a citizenship mentality and a responsible and trustable behavior.
  • The future hope to find a permanent job for those who prove themselves more mature and committed.

2.2 The project wants to offer a field of employment in Lunigiana where social centre can include teenagers that can express themselves in labour artisanal activities. These subjects have no need of a home, but what they need is a daily inclusion in a protect environment (community service, work-release, article 21).

2.3 A protected and attended job environment is also a guarantee for the community because we can host and control all those subjects with a difficult past that could become an easy target of organized crime or would have to fend with illegal cut-outs. So this project is also positive for social revival and public order.