Diamo una famiglia a chi non ce l'ha. Ci stai?


4. Therapeutic centre

Disadvantaged subjects who are included in the facilities and in workshops are followed to individual level by experts both on professional and educational level. These people are committed with the sharing way of life and they live close to the ones who have been excluded by society.

These operators are prepared and informed about the better ways to face issues that arise from sharing the daily life with other people. The staff participates to classes, seminaries and meetings organized by the Association “Community Papa Giovanni XXIII” with the contribution of professionals known at national level that can be internal or external to the Community.
Activities are targeted so that simple and practical jobs can be done by those who have no experience at all.

Pace of work is based not only on productivity, that is always an important educational aspect in order to be more responsible, but also on needs and limits of workers that are periodically verified.

Moments of personal reflection are planned, moments that are thought for personal relationships and social inclusion.