Diamo una famiglia a chi non ce l'ha. Ci stai?


1. Presentation

This project is born and supported by the experience of the Association “Community Papa Giovanni XXIII”- ONLUS, Moral Entity recognized with D.P.R- n. 596 del 05.07.72 that operates from thirty years in the exclusion field in Italy and abroad (Zambia, Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Brasile, Cile, Bolivia, Croazia, Russia, India) according to the life style of sharing and with the aim of stop the causes of exclusion and injustice.

The most original and deep expression of the Association are the accommodation centres for families in which a single person or a couple become the role model for unprivileged people of all kinds (at risk or in need teenagers, prisoners or former prisoners, people with psychiatric disorders, disabilities, addicted, homeless, prostitutes, old people, abandoned minors, etc.).

From a few years now there are different residential facilities in Lunigiana (MS) that have given hospitality and welcome around a hundred people in need coming from social exclusion and which have been indicated by health and social services or who came directly from the street.

Particularly from a couple of years there are in the area of Mulazzo two care homes in which people that come from the penal system can live instead of being in jail. In these homes there are always 5-6 people with penal issues and other 5-6 with other problems.

Facilities are given for free to the Association Papa Giovanni XXIII and are located in the suburb of Castagnetoli, a very small town of 40-50 residents, and in the suburb of Arpiola. Both can host ten people.

The homes are families business and all responsibilities are on the couple that lives there constantly.

The most unique characteristic of the home is that they are always trying to recreate the fundamental elements of a real family so that people can live in an environment that make them feel welcome, safe, with human warmth, solidarity, authority that are essential for a normal personal growth and for social reintegration.

These people are housed for long or short periods with a personalized project of life. After a first period in which people know each other, deep problems are brought to light with the support of the entire staff (psychologist, psychiatrists, social workers, educationalists) that can be part of our Association or of public services, and a phase of reintegration starts trying to restore the relationship with the families that are usually divided.

We could see that all people coming from jail have started a strong period of reintegration being in contact with a familiar environment and they could find a new interior balance getting richer and richer in those values that are essential for a normal life in our society.

Besides having a home for the most part of adults is good to have the chance to try and experience according to their Personal Project in specific activities that are educational and therapeutic. Some of these activities take place in the workshops of the Cooperative “Il Pungiglione” which allowed us to increase the capacity and welcome other people. We receive daily requests for entering the project, but we cannot host everyone yet.

In Lunigiana the need to create an activity that creates occupation is realized with the opening of a Social Cooperative called “Il Pungiglione”.

This is a social Cooperative where people can enter through different ways and with an educational path. They have to face the labour market and learn a job. Teenagers are pushed to acquire mayor responsibilities, balance in human relationships and they learn about labour laws.

The centre is born in March 1999 with the purchase by the Comunità Montanta of Lunigiana of a piece of land in the industrial area of Boceda, in the municipality of Mulazzo (MS). Since that moment we started to clean up and restructure the land and the sheds thanks to volunteers and members of the Community.

The project is funded by private and public funds.