Diamo una famiglia a chi non ce l'ha. Ci stai?


8. Sectors of employment

Activities take place in the workshops of the cooperative “Il Pungiglione” and the location of the apiaries in the territory of Lunigiana want to be a real organized and therapeutic experience that is projected ad hoc and based specific ally on the needs expressed in the group home and also a real rehab tool for the subject.

Being the cooperative a business it is expected that some paths that were originally thought to include people will become real long term jobs for those who were particularly brilliant in the first phase (internships, integrations allowed by the magistracy of prisoners that can be included in voluntary jobs instead of staying in jail).

This is why the whole activity is organized as a workshop with particular attention to the productive field that can be really educational only if it is well optimised.

These areas were chosen in order to specifically educate the operators and because they want to be worshops for life.

The chance to create a real specialized division in beekeeping from different points of view (care of families and honey production, wooden equipment for this sector, creation of a study centre and a library to deepen the knowledge about beekeeping) will integrate people that for different reasons have already or will visit the centre of Boceda. This gives the chance to create a relationship between the ones who come from disadvantaged situations and are in pain to people that are there just for business reasons and pushing everyone to think about a real change and to become more sensitive to the “OTHERS”.


8.1.1. Beekeeping: breeding and care of bees, honey production and other products of the hive.

Beekeeping is a part of the agriculture that is really interesting and in line with the objective of this project because our experience make us realize that this particular activity is therapeutic and effective for the re-education of troubled subjects because of its manual intense activities in contact with a nature that has to be respect and influenced by biological cycles.

Beekeeping business was started by a family of the Association Papa Giovanni XXIII that have been present in Lunigiana for twenty years with a regular family activity certified from farmers. The experience acquired and the herd are available for the training of new workers and to expand the breeding (that from 2001 to 2004 has reached the number of about 900 families).

Besides the honey production this activity is producing honey jelly, propolis, new swarms, queens, bee wax and related products.

8.1.2. Medical plants

The Association “Community Papa Giovanni XXIII” has a plastic heated greenhouse of about 200 mq. in the municipality of Massarosa.

A few members that live in the group home “Il Cireneo” have already started an experimental aloe crop, a plant that has a lot of curative proprieties both in experimental and proved medicine.

There are a big request of this plan and we are considering the chance of building new greenhouses.


8.2.1. Carpentry

Handmade woodwork is a business that for a number of reasons has less workers than in the past. This is why there are a lot of chances to fit in the local market by producing traditional fixtures and furniture to measure, rustics, restoration and production of wooden objects.

Today what is in production are the articles for beekeeping: complete hives for every need and accessories for the care phase, the breeding and the extraction of honey made with our experience in this field that allow us to find a good solution in every situation.

We have already experienced that this activity is really useful in other projects of the Association Papa Giovanni XXIII in order to rehab adult subjects by giving them a path to follow that is educational and professional. Work in a carpentry give them a real education about job and the bases for learning how to work. It is also very useful to re-educate to responsibility and to social relations.