Diamo una famiglia a chi non ce l'ha. Ci stai?


The Acceptance Village

In the green hills of the Lunigiana there is “Il Pungiglione – Acceptance Village”, a reality that has its roots in the Community Papa Giovanni XXIII founded by Don Oreste Benzi. Nowadays Il Pungiglione is a highly specialized centre in beekeeping and all its sectors: honey production, wax production, carpentry and most of all it is a real village that welcome all disadvantaged people that have had difficult lives: a chance to build a more fairer society.

Our path starts with the meeting with the Community Papa Giovanni XXIII. At Il Pungiglione we managed to create 3 family units of the Community founded by Don Benzi. Together we developed the project Revive (a welcoming centre for adult people) and we started the Acceptance Village. Here we have some occupational therapy laboratories were high quality honey products are made and we make every effort no-profit to create occupational paths for people that have lived dramatic experiences like detention or slavery for prostitution.

We are a social cooperative that works in the organic field all bees’ products: honey, royal jelly, wax, propolis. In 2004 we had the PDO European recognition for chestnut and acacia honeys. We were the first one in Italy to obtain this reward.

In addition to the Group Homes there is the “Revive Centre”: this is a project of prevention and reduction of social unrest and it is supported by local authorities. The centre is in the middle of the Village and welcome adults in trouble that come from exclusion experiences and, with the right kind of sharing of life style and the work in the cooperative, found hope again and balance and a place in society. We follow the original inspiration of the Community Papa Giovanni XXIII: sharing directly you own life with the last.